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Life. Untangled.

Who is ARC For?

Michael Walsh works with people at all stages of addictive behavioural change

Is ARC Right for You?

My clients come from a variety of socio-economic, educational and careered backgrounds. Each client expects and is guaranteed discreet and confidential service.

Change is hard. It requires discipline, effort and focus. Jointly, we will work together to achieve your objectives, so that you can enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful life without the use of alcohol or drugs. All outcomes are based solely on your intentions and actions. Recovery Coaching is one of the most effective tools in sustaining long-term recovery maintenance. I love what I do and it shows!

I work with people at various stages of addictive behavioural change.

Clients who come to me are willing to work hard to evoke substantial change in their lives. These are people with whom alcohol and drug use or sex, gambling and pornography addiction have consumed and drained much of their existence, energy and resources – both financial and human. Some to complete destruction while others have landed a bit more softly.

You may be checking out whether you want to quit using drugs or alcohol forever or just reduce consumption to minimize the harm. You may have attempted periods of sobriety only to fall back into old behaviours because you didn’t do “all the work.” It does not matter how we begin working together what I can tell you is that I have seen hundreds of people turn their lives around from being filled with shame, guilt, hopelessness and depression to vibrant productive social beings after a period of time in recovery.

Some Scenarios I Work In

Leaving treatment is a critical time during the recovery process

Someone going home from the secure confines of an in-patient treatment center and is vulnerable to the potential for relapse once home.

Addictions effect individuals regardless of social standing or wealth

A high-functioning individual whose alcohol and/or drug use has become problematic and out of control and is beginning to show cracks at work, in relationships and financially.

Discretion is always my top priority

A high-profile individual who requires complete discretion. Does not want to go to public support group meetings and perhaps does not require formal treatment.

Everyone gets stuck, and sometimes we need a push

Someone with at least one-year sobriety but is stagnant in other areas of their life and can’t seem to move forward. Fear is an impediment to growth. Significant change is desired with regard to career, education and personal life.

When drug and alcohol use get out of control, other aspects of life can be stunted

Leaders in their field that have high hopes of advancement, but the booze or drugs is impeding any opportunities to flourish.

If recreational usage becomes habit, it may be time for professional assistance

Recreational alcohol and drug users who have become dependent on their substance of choice – alcohol or drugs.

Reuniting and stabilizing family is a common motivator for my clients

A Mom or Dad that would do anything to change in order to be with their kids.

Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to related, complicated, legal issues

Those who have become entangled with the law through DUI’s, drug trafficking or other alcohol and drug-related offences.

My services extend beyond drug and alcohol use to all types of harmful behaviours

Gambling addiction.

What To Expect From Michael

Commitment, Honesty & Integrity

I am adamant about delivering the highest standard of value and service.

I will work with you with integrity, honesty, respect and professionalism. I will let you know when my involvement is not likely to make a difference in your life. I welcome feedback (honestly, it is how I learn) without judgment.

Respectful Non-Judgmental Work

I do not judge anything about you.

My position in this collaborative relationship is to Coach the “real you” – to develop the life you aspire to. There will be times when you share things with me that may make you vulnerable. I assure you that I will treat your choices and actions (past, present and future) with respect.

Tenacity About Your Progress

I want to help you grow.

People hire me so they can grow and become better people to themselves and their family, friends and colleagues. I know that some of the best value I can deliver comes through the “tough places” my clients may be unwilling to visit on their own. I provide honest feedback, ask challenging questions, provide assignments, assessments and homework designed to challenge my clients comfort, hold them accountable to their commitments, and every once in a while give them a gentle – always caring – kick in the behind!

A Partnership

We need to work together.

With my services you can expect relevant and research-informed data, support, collaboration, strategies, continuous presence, energy, creativity, availability and most importantly – a partnership!

The “Coaching Experience” begins the moment you agree to a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Many clients report feelings of: excitement, doubt, curiosity, unexpected negative and positive feelings both about the coaching experience and the outcomes, and most certainly clients feel scared to create change for themselves. These are all normal and expected feelings and a sign that you are ready and excited to make positive shifts in your behaviour.

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Addiction Recovery Coaching can help with a variety of different dependencies and addictions

How ARC Can Help

ARC is designed to help with alcohol and drug dependencies as well as process addictions. Here are some situations where ARC is found to be particularly helpful.

I call it “taking treatment home!” Having a Recovery Coach in your aftercare plan strengthens your ability to stay on track and preserves your financial investment. When returning home from treatment, people trade a treatment center’s safe, substance-free environment for a situation where they know they are vulnerable. First, I assist you in making lifestyle changes that allow for a better quality-of-life in the first crucial days after finishing addiction treatment. After treatment, I help you maintain motivation, stay consistent in the routine you learned during treatment, and develop strategies to address triggers and issues that may arise once home. Our work together helps rebuild personal confidence and trust with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and employers. I help you get back to living!

"I’ve Recovered, Now What?"

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Some people going through recovery need or want to reinvent themselves at a certain point. They’ve grown and learned so much about themselves that they want to move in a new direction personally, academically, and career-wise. This can be a very exciting time for many people, but it is important to set goals to ensure this change is successful. An Addiction Recovery Coach can help you develop realistic and attainable goals that’ll allow you to pursue this exciting change in life. An ARC can also act as support when individuals in recovery experience barriers, struggles, and setbacks while fulfilling their aspirations.

There are times when someone uses substances and gets in trouble with the law. Addiction Recovery Coaches can also be helpful in these situations. Whether it’s a charge for driving under the influence of alcohol, possessing controlled substances, or assaulting another while intoxicated – utilizing an Addiction Recovery Coach as part of a sentence solution makes good sense and can create more positive opportunities for your future once the sentence conditions cease.

Attending Business or Family Functions

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Life in recovery moves forward and if you intend to move with it where obstacles and challenges will undoubtedly arise – I will be there to support you. Many people who quit using substances eventually go back to work and living. Your life pre-treatment may have included social functions where alcohol was being served and perhaps sometimes alcohol use led to using drugs or engaging in other behavioural addictions. Having me as your Addiction Recovery Coach can lighten the pressure dramatically. I am there to support you through it and manage triggers that will arise. We will always develop an exit strategy before attending any events.

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