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Michael’s Blog – The Real Definition of Relapse and Why it Matters by Lara Okoloko

Most people will use substances again after treatment and many within a few months. Does this mean treatment "didn't work" and all hope is lost?

The Real Definition of Relapse and Why it Matters by Lara Okoloko

As an addiction family therapist, Lara Okoloko sees parents of teens and young adults who live in despair over the chaos that often comes from living with someone with an active addiction. It is difficult to exaggerate the heartache of a parent who fears the death of their little boy or girl because of addiction. They set their eyes on rehab with the expectation that it will put an end to this misery. They eagerly shell out $5,000 on an intervention and willingly prepare to spend the long-saved college fund – or take out a second mortgage – on a single episode of inpatient rehab, if only their child will agree to go!

Read the rest of the piece she wrote on January 7th, 2015 here.

Lara Okoloko, LICSW is a clinical social worker in private practice in Seattle, Washington, specializing in treating the family members of people with substance use disorders. Working mostly with parents of young adults with addictions and mental health struggles, she recognizes the need for more than psycho-education and advice about detaching. Using evidenced based practices, Lara has created an empowering family counseling program for people living with a loved one with an addiction, helping people to lead change and healing in their families. You can contact Lara here.

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Michael Walsh

Written by Michael Walsh

One day in 2002 I found myself in a detox facility off of Main & Hastings in Downtown Vancouver. That was one side of the double-life I was living while using alcohol and drugs. The other side was a successful career that provided me a great life. My problems with alcohol and drug dependence cost me many things in life. I lost jobs, friendships, relationships, and myself because of it. I started my recovery process at 35 and today I am happy I made that choice when I did.

I can now proudly say I am practiced at the art of a clean and sober life – and it’s a great life. I share this so you know I have been where you are. Know that you are not alone.

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