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Michael’s Blog – People Know When Alcohol or Drugs is Standing in the Way of Their Potential

People Know When Alcohol or Drugs is Standing in the Way of Their Potential

March/April y.a.m. 2016 Magazine Victoria, B.C.

In the March/April edition of y.a.m. Magazine in Victoria, B.C., Alex Van Tol writes, examine your usages and addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol. (Toxic relationships are a whole other dimension.) “If you think you have a problem, you probably do,” says Michael Walsh, addictions and substance use specialist and recovery coach. “People will recognize if alcohol [or drugs] is standing in the way of their potential”, he says.

After you’re done with denial β€” and that’s a normal part of getting to a better place β€” and have decided you need to make a change, talk about it with a friend or family member. Or ask your doc for support, but be aware that many physicians lack deep experience dealing with substance use and addictions. A coach can help you gain control by setting up systems to help you monitor and reduce or eliminate your usage. “There’s no shame in reaching out for help when looking to make changes in your life,” says Walsh.

“I work with people wherever they’re at, even if they still want to use or drink. It’s a process getting them to the point where they’re comfortable saying, ‘Yeah, I’m done.”’

Read Alex’s full article, Taking Charge of Your Health, by going to y.a.m. Magazine (the article starts on page 61.)

Michael Walsh

Written by Michael Walsh

One day in 2002 I found myself in a detox facility off of Main & Hastings in Downtown Vancouver. That was one side of the double-life I was living while using alcohol and drugs. The other side was a successful career that provided me a great life. My problems with alcohol and drug dependence cost me many things in life. I lost jobs, friendships, relationships, and myself because of it. I started my recovery process at 35 and today I am happy I made that choice when I did.

I can now proudly say I am practiced at the art of a clean and sober life – and it’s a great life. I share this so you know I have been where you are. Know that you are not alone.

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