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Life. Untangled.

About Michael

Michael Walsh, Addiction Recovery Coach based in Victoria, BC, Canada

My Story

One day in 2002 a friend delivered me to a detox facility in Vancouver. I stayed for three days, checked myself out and was using cocaine within hours. That was the early uncovering of one side of the double-life I was living while using alcohol and drugs. The other side was a successful career that provided me a great life.

Although it was anything but clear to me at the time, I was in the early stages of a transformational journey that would allow me, for the first time, to live a happy and honest life while finding out who this amazing Michael really was.

My problems with alcohol and drugs cost me many things in life. I lost jobs, friendships, relationships, and myself because of it.

Like many people struggling with substance use and addictions, I grew up around alcohol so it was not a surprise when I began experimenting at a young age. I was sexually abused by an older male, which lead me to close myself off from the world. I was in full-blown active use of alcohol and cocaine at 19 years old. I started my recovery process at 35 and today I am happy I made that choice when I did.

It’s been well over ten years since I was in that detox facility and my recovery path has taken me to two residential treatment centres, hundreds of support group meetings, many one-to-one counselling sessions, and many coffees with my peers. All of that helped me reconnect with family, create a sense of meaning and purpose, and create lasting friendships.

I can now proudly say I am practiced at the art of a clean and sober life – and it’s a great life.

Not only did overcoming problematic substance use allow me to experience feeling comfortable in my own skin, it introduced me to my life’s passion: helping others get through their own struggles with drugs and alcohol.

My Experience Working in Addictions

My work in the addiction field combines working with hundreds of clients in various stages of change and recovery: acute medical detox, stabilization, second-stage supportive recovery housing, community-based support groups, and non-profits are just some of the areas I’ve worked in. All of this experience has helped me progress into Addiction Recovery Coaching. I received my training under the guidance of Crossroads Recovery Coaching’s Alida Schuyler, an early pioneer of the Recovery Coaching field.

I’ve personally created 16 support groups that have helped thousands of people in recovery.

I am the founder and former Executive Director of LifeRing: Alcohol and Drug Support Groups in Victoria, and was fortunate to collaborate with the University of Victoria Department of Psychology to help develop a group facilitator-training program and comprehensive research project studying LifeRing participants.

My experience in addiction treatment and recovery over the years has given me an excellent reputation, integrity, and trust among those I work with in the addiction treatment community.

Custom Individualized Support

I believe recovery from addictions and problematic substance use is individual and no one-size-fits-all solution exists.

Personal responsibility, self-direction, self-empowerment, peer-support, meaning and purpose, research-supported practices, and the desire for personal transformation have been integral to my success.

My work with clients is a collaborative relationship where I use introductory and advanced coaching skills to facilitate your empowerment, transformation, and development.

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