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Info For Clinicians

Michael works alongside a variety of treatment professionals

Work With Michael

I work independently with my clients or as part of a team. I am happy to meet with any clinician or treatment provider to learn more about how we can work together to support the client in being successful.

Some scenarios where I might work as part of a team:

Other Professionals – A Psychologist or Drug and Alcohol Counsellor may ask me to form part of a team to care for their client. Because Addiction Recovery Coaching is not therapeutic I am a valuable and complimentary link to support the client moving forward.

Treatment Centres – A treatment centre may ask me to meet with a client they think would benefit from having an Addiction Recovery Coach as part of their after-care plan.

Lawyers – A Lawyer may ask me to work their client who has been in trouble with the law either through a DUI or other alcohol or drug offences. Having an Addiction Recovery Coach in a legal situation helps the client get through a difficult and strenuous time.

HR / Internal EAP – A Human Resources department or internal EAP may recruit my services to work with an employee who is required to seek help for substance dependence.

If your scenario isn’t on the list here, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together – there are many possibilities.

Please connect with me at Coach@MichaelWalsh.com to inquire how we can work together. You may also wish to download my Rack Card that briefly outlines my services.

Substance use can effect people of all standings, including successful professionals

For Professionals

Problematic substance use and addiction does not discriminate – it touches people from all walks-of-life.

If you are currently working in a professional or executive environment and feel you have developed a problem with alcohol or drugs, I may be able to help you.

My services are discreet with all my clients. I understand there is still much stigma around problematic substance use and addictions – it is important that you get the help you deserve without worrying about anyone finding out. I work with people in varied sectors of business, healthcare and government.

I would be pleased to talk with you confidentially – email me at Coach@MichaelWalsh.com.

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