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My Process

Learn about Michael’s approach to Addiction Recovery Coaching

How I Work

Below you can read about my process, beginning with our first contact and through to celebrating your success. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

1 – Consultation

We begin with a complimentary consultation, conducted either in person, on the phone, or via Skype. The purpose of the consultation is simple: to evaluate your situation, how I can support you and how recovery coaching works.

Here's a sample of what we will cover:

  • We’ll get to know each other and I’ll outline the coaching process.
  • We will discuss “where you’re at” – this includes what you have done in the past, and what your vision and recovery goals for the future might look like.
  • We will discuss my fees and the various packages that is best suited for your situation.

2 – Agreement

If after our Introduction you decide my coaching style is the right fit, we will sign a Coaching Agreement.

This Agreement is a document that outlines each of our roles and expectations in this partnership. Payment will be due at this stage (a variety of payment options are available).

3 – Discovery

At this stage, we will determine short-term goals and the early coaching work will begin.

During the Discovery Phase, I:

  • Utilize advanced coaching skills, assessments, and diagnostic tools used to provide you with a clearer vision and the ability to achieve goals
  • Work to create recovery strategies tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle, and to overcome roadblocks to successful recovery
  • Work to establish a firm foothold in your life using new approaches to recovery
  • Work to achieve a high-degree of self-care
  • Utilize opportunities for homework in-between sessions

Your Goals Define My Role

I don’t believe a successful “one-size-fits-all” approach exists for addiction recovery. Rather than have a set-in-stone process for everyone, my role in your recovery is based directly off of your goals.

Generally, my clients set 2–3 goals – a realistic number that will enable you to experience success (rather than overwhelming you). I will provide support and the appropriate tools: your success will be determined by your intentions, choices, and actions.

Common Goals

Your Goal – “I want to stop drinking or using drugs or gambling or other process addictions (sex, pornography, internet)”

My Role – We will explore why you want to stop, and what the pros and cons of giving up these compulsive addictive behaviours are for you. For example, you will define what a drug- and alcohol-free life looks like to you. Most people agree the benefits of being clean and sober outweigh the benefits of not being clean and sober. Each person’s goals are different, but a common example is rebuilding relationships with family or loved-ones.

Your Goal – “My current recovery plan is not working for me and I want to recreate it.”

My Role – The research is clear: no single treatment is effective for anyone. An individual’s treatment and recovery plan must be assessed continually and modified as necessary to ensure that it meets his or her changing needs (NIDA, 2009, 2012). If your current recovery plan is not working for you, you may feel guilty and ashamed or believe you are doing something wrong. It is likely that you just need to try some different things by seeking out other options. Trying a variety of solutions to see what does and doesn’t work is an important part of successful recovery.

Your Goal – “I have stopped drinking and using drugs, but I feel stagnant in other areas of my life and I am bored.”

My Role – This happens quite often. Lots of people coast along in recovery, go to the occasional meeting, stay on top of their pledge to maintain sobriety, and find themselves getting lazy or complacent. For some people, recovery can become boring or monotonous and they decide they have done enough recovery and want to cut loose a bit. This can be a dangerous time and requires self-reflection on both recovery and other life goals.

4 – Awareness

As we work together, you will likely discover barriers and beliefs that have previously stopped you from living the life you want and deserve – the first step in conquering these barriers is becoming aware of them. This is the stage where many people experience a “light bulb” moment and realize what has kept them in this destructive pattern.

We will also continue to build on your “Recovery Capital” – the sum of resources necessary to initiate and sustain recovery from substance misuse or process addictions (gambling, sex, and internet).

5 – Options

Knowing what your barriers are will help you overcome them. We will explore all available options best suited and most effective for your personality, lifestyle, and goals. We will also brainstorm new tools unique to you.

6 – Taking Action

After exploring tools and determining the best ones for you, it’s time to put them to use – at this stage, all of the work we have done together turns into action.

You now have a pocket full of tools to help you stick to your goals, even in the most challenging situations. You are set up for success!

7 – Accountability

Our time together is about coming to terms with your own personal strength, learning that you are capable of great things, and knowing you have overcome something few people can.

You become self-aware. You learn. You take action!

You are capable of great things!

You’ll be confident with the tools you possess to continue your recovery journey. We will set goals and timelines. Before each session I will ask you to prepare a Coaching Preparation Form, which allows us to review your progress and create accountability in the goals you set for yourself.

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