From Clients & Family Members

[Michael] has demonstrated thoughtful, informed and far sighted leadership in the addictions field.

Chief of Psychology, William Head Federal Institution (Victoria)

Michael Walsh was introduced to our son and within a few weeks we noticed a remarkable and significant change in our son's life. Michael made connections with VIHA, Together We Can Addiction Treatment Centre in Vancouver and different support organizations to help my son's issues. Michael continually stayed in contact with us allowing us to be part of my son's healing process. His experience, professionalism, skills and strategies are shown in his work. We highly recommend Michael.


William and Maria H (Victoria, BC)

Michael was truly a guiding light to my friends and I while we were trying to assist a friend in the throes of his battle with addiction. Having Michael’s support was the essential factor in connecting our friend with the appropriate resources. Not only did Michael have tremendous insight, knowledge, and experience dealing with the complexities of addictions, he was kind, empathetic, and supportive every step of the way.

I would highly recommend anyone who has a loved one struggling with addiction to connect with Michael.

It can sometimes take a team to help someone, and when it came to our team, Michael was our most valuable player.

Kate, Lana, Tash and Paul (Victoria)

I connected with Michael just before completing 65 days in a private treatment facility. He helped make the transition from treatment back to my home and work life much easier. I have now worked with Michael for the last 3 months where has helped me navigate the intricacies of everyday stressors of someone in early recovery. This has helped build my confidence and regain the trust of my family.

In our sessions, Michael listened, foremost, and helped me identify the challenges I was having. The difference maker was that he knew how to help me address them in a methodical way, and showed me the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally. I think he did a brilliant job working with me!

S.C. (Vancouver)

Michael helped me to get beyond my alcohol addiction. I was a closet drinker who was hiding my life away every evening with alcohol. I had wanted to quit for some time as I knew it was affecting my overall health: physical, mental, social and financial. I had tried to quit a few times but was unable.

I found Michael on the internet and although he was across the country he was able to give me the confidence and support I needed to succeed. He provided various methods of communication and immediate help if I needed it along with tons of great resources and tools to enable me to get through the tough times.

The work I did with Michael allowed me to better understand myself in the process. I needed exactly this kind of support and it was provided in a non-judgemental, empathic and progressive manner. Thanks Michael!

V.W. (Ontario)

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Michael. Over the past number of years, I have witnessed Michael’s diligent determination and ethical practice. I trust that he will be a very valuable asset in his professional and peer endeavours.

Hersh Kline, MA, RCC (Victoria)

The positive changes I have made in every aspect of my life, from the day I started working with Michael until four months later, I did not think would be possible.

When I first met Michael, I was at a very low point in my life. Michael has helped me transform every aspect of my life, from my addiction issues to character issues to work issues. I had sought professional help in the past, but it was never successful. What Michael did differently that made all of the difference was leading me down a path of personal growth using practical methods and strategies, while holding me accountable every week to ensure I stayed on course.

I have become a stronger person and more conscious of the impact of my decisions on myself and those around me. Michael’s caring and comforting approach, combined with his ability to keep me on track and hold me accountable, is just what I needed. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking to make transformational changes in any aspect of their life.

S.G. (Victoria)

Michael inspires. Michael leads. Michael does. Michael gets it. Michael is the real deal and a guy you can absolutely count on. Michael is open-heartened and open-minded with a fierce commitment to supporting others to bridge and build life beyond substance use, addiction and recovery.

I hold Michael as one of the standout human beings in my life. I stand by my words.

Dr. Susan L. Tasker, BSc Department of Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies (Victoria)

Working with Michael has helped me to create a new life where using substances is not a desired option.

Michael was very effective at helping me analyze my own behaviours, values, and goals, allowing an introspective search through a different lens of the inevitable frustrations of life in recovery. Michael did a great job defining my strengths rather than me always focusing on the negatives. I am not someone who does well in support groups or in a formal treatment setting, so Sober Coaching worked extremely well for me.

E.P. (Victoria)

I give Michael Walsh a glowing reference about his capacity for leadership, helping others, presentations and Addiction Recovery Coaching.

Dr. Michelle Bass, MSW, PhD, RSW (Victoria)

Our family has been coached for the last year by Michael and we are extremely satisfied with the results. Along with reading books recommended by Michael we are all on the same path with our son to recovery, using the same techniques and methods of communication. This means we are working together, along with Michael, toward the same goal in the same way. Our son is far more stable and definitely on the path to recovery, in large part due to the compassion, understanding and professional help that Michael has provided.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A mother, father, and sister (Ontario)

I was looking to make some changes in my life and Michael Walsh helped me do that. While substances never took a toll on my life to the extent that it has with some of Michael’s clients, he did a great job of meeting me where I was, and enabling me to move past some problematic behaviours and habits I’d developed with his professional, yet very warm, guidance.

Michael is an excellent listener: I never felt lectured at any of our sessions. Instead, Michael let me ramble on as he attentively took notes. At the end of my epic monologues, Michael helped by synthesizing what I was saying, and developing strategies that helped me make some profoundly helpful changes in my life.

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who is looking to change the direction of their lives.

N.L. (Victoria)

Hi Michael: Mom and I did the family program at Sunshine Coast Health Center and returned with a very healthy dad! He’s doing amazing and he’s so happy and grateful. The weekend was so educational and inspiring. To say my Dad is better is a total understatement. You played an enormous role and moved mountains in record time.

Thank you so much!

You were the miracle on the other end of the phone at the right time and my family is forever indebted to you! Keep doing what you are doing because you are saving lives!

Christine H. (Vancouver/Victoria)

Michael has had a significant impact on my lifestyle change.

R.T. (Victoria)

I left drug rehab to go back to work in Alberta and had a slip a few days after starting work again. I remembered my counsellor talk about using a Recovery Coach when I left but thought I’d be fine after treatment. I was wrong!

I connected with Michael through his website and started working together within a week. Working with Michael was invaluable. Much of our work was dealing with the roller coaster of life after treatment, setting and achieving goals and being held accountable.

I did have a one day slip while working with Michael and told him about it right away which he did not judge. Instead he supported me to move forward and put it behind me. Michael helped me regain the trust of my family and friends and I feel really good about my future – substance-free.

B.K. (Alberta)

In my opinion the work Mr. Walsh has done through his role as Executive Director at LifeRing has been exemplary. He has demonstrated thoughtful, informed and far sighted leadership in the addictions field.

Chief of Psychology, William Head Federal Institution (Victoria)

Hi Michael,

I just want to say thank you for helping my husband and my mother-in-law's son when I couldn’t and wouldn’t. I am watching him talk to his mother about his addiction and recovery and what’s happening with him, very honestly and candidly. He has never spoken to anyone other than me about it, and knowing them both for more than 20 years, I can tell you this conversation is amazing.

Thank you for helping him, thank you for helping us (although it has been super hard), and thank you for giving me and his mom this moment.

Wife & Mother (Wisconsin)

I went to Michael deeply distressed with my addiction to alcohol. I was messing up as a mother, wife, friend and founder of a successful company as my alcohol misuse was getting worse. I hired Michael on the spot and stopped drinking alcohol. His weekly coaching sessions enabled me to find ways to power through the addiction. It's been over three years now. The incessant hunger for alcohol no longer ruins my life and I feel free from it's grasp!

C.H. (Vancouver, B.C.)

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