Shelley Shadow

Recovery Coach, CCRC | RCP-F Facilitator | Mentor Coach

Shelley Shadow, Recovery Coach, CCRC | RCP-F Facilitator | Mentor Coach

As a person in continuous recovery from alcohol addiction since 1995, Shelley Shadow understands the unique pitfalls of thinking of which someone in recovery can succumb.

She also has lived experience of generational trauma as an Indigenous person whose mother attended residential school for a decade of her childhood. Shelley continues on her journey to reclaim her Cree culture through language learning and exploring indigenous practices.

Shelley attended the Recovery Coach Academy offered by Still Here as presented by CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery). Through this training, she continued to work with others in recovery, as well as becoming a Co-Trainer/Presenter of the Recovery Coach Training with Kevin Diakiw through Still Here Recovery Coach Training. Shelley is one of the first CCRC-designated coaches in Canada through the CACCF, is an RCP-F Facilitator and a Mentor Coach. 

Shelley is also a qualified mindfulness teacher with Still Here. Having this training as a mindfulness practitioner has benefited her greatly as a recovery coach, allowing her to practice mindful listening and intuition with her clients.

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