Psychotherapist Mike Pond releases “Wasted” documentary

by Michael Walsh

“Psychotherapist Mike Pond releases “Wasted” documentary” - article by Michael Walsh

Psychotherapist Mike Pond.

Filmmaker Maureen Palmer set out to make a documentary following her partner Mike Pond — a psychotherapist and an alcoholic five years sober — as he searched for the best new evidence-based addiction treatments.

The intent was to help others battling substance use disorders. But to the couple’s shock and dismay, shortly after filming began, Mike drank again. In Wasted, Mike and Maureen’s attitudes and assumptions about addiction are tested in real time as the couple search for a treatment that will work for Mike. A theoretical journey becomes very real and deeply personal.

Watch this excellent documentary called Wasted at CBC’s The Nature of Things.

Connect with Michael Pond Psychotherapy in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Michael specializes in addiction to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex/pornography, and gambling. Michael also specializes in depression, anxiety/panic, phobias, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioural difficulties, emotion management, life transition/aging, and sleep disorders.

Connect with award-winning documentary filmmaker Maureen Palmer at Bountiful Films.

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