Lifting the lid on what’s possible

by Michael Walsh

“Lifting the lid on what’s possible” - article by Michael Walsh

If you think you have a problem, you probably do. Whether it's the money you don't have in your bank account, a toxic relationship you are trying to let go of, or your concerning relationship with alcohol or drugs.

That feeling, deep down in your body that something's not right is in fact your barometer of truth.

And, sometimes the truth is scary. But why is that?

For as long as humans have lived we have created and passed down meaning and beliefs. We have become master survivalists and learned that pain is bad, fear is dangerous and that in order to be lovable you must achieve, succeed, and be in control.

We have also mastered the art of deferring pain and discomfort. If you have a headache, take a pill. If you feel self conscious, have a drink. If you are in a mid-life crisis, buy a convertible and land a partner 20 years younger than yourself.

Often, with knowing that things need to change comes a mental barrage of fear, stigmas, negative beliefs and what if’s. Uncertainty, pain and shame scare us, so we avoid, defer and hope it goes away.

It seems reasonable enough, but what if there was a different way?

What if moving in the direction of the discomfort is the thing that would empower and free you? What if your self doubt is made up – old and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from living a life filled with the things you value most – friendships, family, and peace.

If there is one universal truth, it is that change is inevitable. In every moment of our lives the very matter that we are made of is changing – our cells are growing and dying, our heart is pumping and our breath is rhythmically flowing in and out. We are by our very nature, hard-wired for change.

But here’s the kicker – change takes time. The process of lasting and sustainable change looks different for everyone, and there are as many methods for change as there are people on this planet.

If you have fought and you have lost, keep going. If you have kept going and it is not working, find another way and keep going! Most importantly, if you are carrying the weight of your struggles by yourself – reach out and ask for help, because your happiness and your life matter.

Michael Walsh

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Michael Walsh

When I say I’ve been there, I mean it. I am a different person now, and I am fired up about helping other people get to the place where they, too, are living better, healthier, and bigger lives.

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