Intervention Training With Earl Hightower | Montreal December 2018

by Michael Walsh

“Intervention Training With Earl Hightower | Montreal December 2018” - article by Michael Walsh

Earl Hightower Intervention Training | Montreal December 2018

A diverse group of top-notch leaders in the field of substance use and addictions came together in Montreal in December 2018 for Intervention training by one of the leading Interventionists in the world, Earl Hightower of Hightower & Associates. This was the first Hightower training in Canada and it came together with the help of Bob Marier of Hired Sobriety — another leading Interventionist in the world — who, with his well-connected digital rolodex called upon myself and other leaders to participate in this three day training.

I could not help but feel like I was with people exhibiting high-level clinical, intervention and case-management skills who are driven by empathy and passion for helping others seek treatment and recovery while at the same time helping families heal. 

The was one of the best interventions trainings I've been to. 

If you want to know more about convening an intervention or require consultation for families or a workplace or sober coaching services please don't hesitate to reach out by text/telephone at 250 896 8494. 




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