Mike Shea

Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | Family Coach | Registered Therapeutic Counsellor | Edmonton | Calgary | Canmore | Banff | For McMurray

Compassionate and experienced recovery specialist, Mike Shea, standing confidently in a serene natural setting that reflects his love for nature and personal journey of transformation and healing

Mike spent twenty-five years of his young adult life in the hospitality industry bartending, managing, and later partnering in some of Western Canada’s largest nightclubs, restaurants and bars before discovering a new path in recovery from mental health and substance use disorder.

Hospitality was a great profession for any fan of drinking, and Mike was part of a group that normalized substance use in an industry that celebrated (or overlooked) excess. Predictably, his substance use increased and became a serious issue in every aspect of his life. His mental health and self-worth deteriorated, he often felt hopeless and overwhelmed, and he began to fear the thoughts that were suggesting he hurt himself in a very permanent way, or as you may have heard, “coming up with a permanent solution to a temporary problem". Thankfully, he was able to ask for help before it was too late, and Mike’s journey of recovery began. That journey put him on a path of service to help other people also suffering with substance use disorders and mental health issues, and allowing his story, and his training, to help discover the truth. 

Early in recovery, Mike returned to school and became a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with training based on a humanistic approach and using Family Systems Theory as well as transpersonal psychology. In addition, Mike studied to become a Certified Recovery Specialist and a Recovery Coach, has earned both the Motivational Interviewing Foundational and for Addictions certificates, and is a Certified CRAFT facilitator (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) to better aid him in helping the family members and concerned friends of the those with substance use disorder. Mike has also studied with Deb Dana on trauma and the nervous system as well as with trauma expert Lou LeBentz, from the UK, to be certified as Trauma Informed which greatly aids me as a coach a therapist and a human being. 

Not least however, and perhaps his biggest teacher, came from the school of hard knocks: he’s been there. Mike is a skilled guide, support, and mentor to help people transition from an unmanageable life of addiction to a meaningful life in recovery. With compassion and open mindedness, he helps others to find their own recovery path. He also aids family and friends in finding helpful and healthy strategies in dealing with loved ones they are concerned about. Witnessing the miraculous transformations in clients is incredibly rewarding, and he is grateful and honoured to be trusted in helping others in the journey of recovery. 

In my free time, I can be found in nature with my wonderful girlfriend and my dog Max, playing pickleball (I used to be a tennis snob, but my knee thanks me), breaking bread with friends and family, enjoying some “throttle therapy” on my motorcycle, or simply chilling with a good book. 

  • Bachelor of Education Degree from University of Alberta
  • Registered Therapeutic Counsellor – ACCT #2396
  • Certified Recovery Specialist – International Recovery Institute
  • Community Reinforcement and Family Training Facilitator (CRAFT) & Intermediate Trauma Informed – Lou Lebentz/Deb Dana
  • Motivational Interviewing Foundational
  • Motivational Interviewing Addictions 

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