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Our team of addictions recovery professionals extends to clinical experts with extensive experience in mental health and addiction treatment. We work together to provide comprehensive, personalized care to help you achieve lasting recovery.

Clinical experts play a crucial role in addiction recovery by offering specialized knowledge, skills, and therapeutic techniques. Their expertise helps to address the complex nature of addiction, ensuring a comprehensive and effective recovery process.

The clinical experts on our team are composed of individuals with diverse professional backgrounds. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge in various therapeutic modalities, including registered therapeutic counsellors and clinical psychologists and psychotherapists.

As a team, they are dedicated to supporting our clients with evidence-based practices that encourage meaningful and lastiing change.

Our Clinical Experts

  • Compassionate and experienced recovery specialist, Mike Shea, standing confidently in a serene natural setting that reflects his love for nature and personal journey of transformation and healing

    Mike Shea

    Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | Family Coach | Registered Therapeutic Counsellor | Edmonton | Calgary | Canmore | Banff | For McMurray

    Meet Mike

  • A professional portrait of Dr. Michael Berry, a clinical psychologist with expertise in addiction and mental health, showcasing a confident and compassionate demeanor

    Dr.Michael Berry

    R. Psych | Clinical Advisor | Victoria | Vancouver | Nanaimo | Comox

    Meet Michael

  • A compassionate and experienced psychiatric nurse and therapist specializing in mood disorders, PTSD, and addictions, Hayley stands ready to provide supportive and evidence-based care

    Hayley Guyn

    RPN, Psychotherapist | Vancouver | Victoria

    Meet Hayley

How do clinical experts help the addiction recovery process?

Each of our clinical experts bring unique strengths that collectively contribute to a robust and effective recovery process. When paired with the other addictions recovery specialists on our team, we are able to offer a truly holistic approach to addiction recovery.


Psychotherapists help our clients explore the underlying psychological issues that may contribute to addiction, such as trauma, anxiety, or depression. They use evidence-based methods like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to help clients develop healthier coping mechanisms. And through personal, one-on-one sessions, psychotherapists are able to foster a deeper understanding and resolution of personal issues.

Clinical Advisors

Clinical advisors conduct thorough assessments to understand the extent and nature of the addiction. These assessments incorporate medical, psychological, and social factors. They develop and oversee personalized treatment plans that integrate various therapeutic modalities to address the multifaceted aspects of addiction. To ensure the recovery process remains effective and responsive to the individual's evolving needs, our clinical advisors monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to treatment plans.

Registered Therapeutic Counsellors (RTC)

Registered therapeutic counsellors provide a compassionate and empathetic environment where our clients can openly discuss their struggles. They teach essential life skills and coping strategies, helping clients manage stress and triggers that may lead to relapse. Through continuous support and guidance, our therapeutic counsellors provide clients with the tools needed to thrive beyond the recovery program, help them build resilience, and ultimately maintain long-term recovery.

Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)

Registered psychiatric nurses are trained to manage both physical and mental health needs. They integrate medical, psychological, and emotional support to promote overall well-being and stability to clients in recovery. As part of this process, RPNs provide essential medical care and monitoring, and address any health issues that may arise. They oversee the administration and management of medications, ensuring clients receive the appropriate treatment while monitoring for side effects.

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