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Working with a Recovery Coach is a personal experience. Finding a Recovery Coach that aligns with your views on recovery and life in general helps you develop a stronger connection and feel more at ease.

That’s why there’s a whole team of us – men and women each with our own style, specialties, quirks, and perspectives on recovery and healing. Collectively we have worked with well over 1000 individuals and families to help affect change in various ways.

We’re all real people, with real world experience to support our expertise, and we love getting to know our clients on a personal level.

Each Recovery Coach has a different story, which you can read below. You can see how they arrived at this work, and how profoundly their lives have changed because of the deep personal work they have done (and continue to do) to arrive at a place to now help others.

We stand by the words “we meet you where you’re currently at in your life” and help you develop a strong and sustainable plan forward.

A young woman takes part in an online sober coaching session hosted by Michael Walsh, Certified Recovery Coach and Canadian Intervention specialist

Recovery Coaches

  • Michael Walsh, Certified Canadian Recovery Coach, Interventionist, Family Coach, and Consultant based in Victoria, BC

    Michael Walsh

    Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | Interventionist | Family Coach & Consultant | Vancouver | Victoria | Calgary | Toronto | Montreal | Kelowna

    Meet Michael

  • A compassionate woman with a warm smile, reflecting her extensive experience and deep empathy as an Addiction Recovery Coach

    Diane O'Reilly

    Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | Toronto | Montreal | Ottawa | Vancouver

    Meet Diane

  • Compassionate and experienced recovery specialist, Mike Shea, standing confidently in a serene natural setting that reflects his love for nature and personal journey of transformation and healing

    Mike Shea

    Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | Family Coach | Registered Therapeutic Counsellor | Edmonton | Calgary | Canmore | Banff | For McMurray

    Meet Mike

  • Todd Adams, recovery coach with a background in competitive sports, stands outdoors reflecting a passion for aiding individuals in their journey towards overcoming video game and substance use concerns

    Todd Adams

    Associate Recovery Coach

    Meet Todd

  • Rochelle Davidson, a confident and compassionate woman, stands with a serene smile, embodying resilience and empowerment, reflecting her journey from cancer survivor and overcoming trauma and alcohol addiction to becoming a dedicated Recovery and Wellness Coach

    Rochelle Davidson

    Recovery Coach, CCRC, RCP | Facilitator | Mentor Coach | Vancouver

    Meet Rochelle

  • Curtis Bobier stands confident and serene amidst nature, reflecting a journey of self-discovery and recovery, radiating gratitude and authenticity

    Curtis Bobier

    Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | White Rock | Surrey BC | Vancouver

    Meet Curtis

  • Sober Companion Georgia Salouros based in Montreal and works across Canada

    Georgia Salouros

    Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | Montreal | Toronto | Calgary | Vancouver

    Meet Georgia

About Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is an emerging para-professional discipline in the field of substance use, addiction and recovery in Canada.

Not everyone needs therapy or rehab or support groups — and some need a bit of each or all of those. The service we provide is completely customized to each client, and no plan is the same.

Recovery & change is personal

Your personalized recovery and change plan may include a combination of approaches (if deemed appropriate) such as therapy with a clinical counsellor or psychologist; or intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment; or whatever else fits with your needs.

There are many paths along the journey to drug or alcohol addiction recovery

Regardless of your recovery goals and where you are in your journey towards a sober life, we are here to help.

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