Meet Michael Walsh

Substance Use + Addictions Specialist

From the outside it looked like I was on top of the world: big cities, great jobs, and good friends. I was living life in the fast lane.

In reality, however, I was living a double life – and the glamour quickly wore off.

My life was a mess and it was only a matter of time before the bottom would fall out. Chasing successful careers fuelled by high-octane drug and alcohol use, I was eventually faced with a choice: sober up enough to have my next drink and line of cocaine and continue the path of self-destruction, or get sober, seize life, and reinvent.

Michael’s extended story can be found here.

That was the old Michael. Now, I provide customized substance use and addiction services to those who are ready to get more out of life.

My services include:

I work with individuals, families, employers, in-patient treatment centres, disability and occupational health providers, insurance companies, government agencies, and small-to-medium-size enterprises.

I'm fortunate to live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world: Vancouver Island — in Duncan British Columbia, Canada. My work puts me in contact with local clients here on Vancouver Island, as well as those located all over North America. I work with clients both in-person and through telephone, text, and email.

I've been there. I know what it's like. I can help.

There are many paths along the journey to drug or alcohol addiction recovery

Regardless of your recovery goals and where you are in your journey towards a sober life, I can help.

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