Rochelle Davidson

Recovery Coach, CCRC, RCP | Facilitator | Mentor Coach

Rochelle Davidson, Recovery Coach, CCRC, RCP | Facilitator | Mentor Coach

A cancer survivor and woman in recovery from trauma and alcohol addiction, Rochelle believes we are all in recovery from something at various times of our life, and we aren't meant to "go it alone."

Not much of an alcohol drinker as a young adult — she was too focused on marathons and triathlons — her relationship with alcohol changed when she began to turn to it to ease the pain of being laid off. 

Rochelle's life had become unmanageable. 

Losing her job had opened up a lot of old trauma wounds that had never healed, Her occasional drinking became a daily thing. She found herself feeling like a fraud with her coaching clients, ashamed for turning to alcohol when as a cancer survivor she "should" be loving her life, and at the same time damaging her marriage.  

Working with a Recovery Coach helped Rochelle remember who she was and how she wanted to show up — equipping her to take back her life

Today, Rochelle expresses her life's purpose every day as a Recovery and Wellness Coach. Rochelle also trains and mentors new Recovery Coaches with Still Here Recovery Coach Training. In addition, she is a Coach and Facilitator with She Recovers Foundation. Rochelle holds her Trauma Informed Coach Certification [TICC] through Moving The Human Spirit. Rochelle is one of the first CCRC-designated Recovery Coaches in Canada through the CACCF and is a designated Recovery Coach Professional through CCAR.

Rochelle believes that the challenges in life — addiction, burnout, trauma, loss, grief, and overwhelm — can make us forget who we are and what are capable of. Rochelle can help you remember who you are. 

My credentials

  • Canadian Certified Recovery Coach (CCRC), Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) 
  • Recovery Coach Professional Designation (RCP), CCAR, IARPC
  • Certified Trauma-informed Coach, Moving the Human Spirit
  • MA, Applied Behavioral Science, Bastyr University
  • BA, Commerce, University of British Columbia
  • She Recovers Designated Recovery Coach, She Recovers Foundation
  • CPCC, PCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Trained in Systems and Team Coaching, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching

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