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Do You Want To Make Changes?

You’ve been drinking or consuming drugs to excess, and it’s showing. Your life is beginning to fray at the edges. You recognize that you’re in or on the verge of a downward spiral.

Perhaps things are not so bad, but they could get worse – and you want to avoid that. You want to change your current situation. 

But you’re overwhelmed. It feels like it’s too much to do on your own.

Let’s do this together.

With the guidance of an experienced, well-trained, certified and credentialed Recovery Coach (Sober Coach), and a clear plan in place, you can absolutely change your situation.

Our diverse team of Recovery Coaches have personal and professional experience in all facets substance use, addiction and mental health systems of recovery, which makes us a well-rounded asset to those we work with. And if drugs or alcohol are not playing a large part in your current situation, the mental health experts on our team can still help you through whatever you’re dealing with.

A man and woman in their 60s hugging their son after taking part in a drug and alcohol invitational intervention hosted by Interventionist and Recovery Coach Michael Walsh

What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is a collaborative, strengths-based approach to changing your relationship to alcohol or drugs, getting healthy, and living a better life. 

Changing your relationship to alcohol or drugs is no small feat, and every person comes to recovery with a different idea of what they want to achieve.

When you hire us as your Recovery Coach professional, we work together to identify and design a personalized change-plan with your goals, your schedule, and a better life in mind.

You are the expert on your dream of a better future for yourself. Your Sober Coach is the expert on setting you up to live your dreams beyond recovery.

A middle-aged Canadian woman takes part in a remote 1-on-1 recovery coaching using a secure online video platform with Recovery Coach and Interventionist Michael Walsh who is shown on the laptop screen smiling

If you’re saying yes to alcohol or drugs, what are you saying no to?

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It can be scary to arrive at the realization that you have a drinking or substance use problem, no matter how big or small. But it’s a lot less scary when you have an experienced guide to help you sort things out. 

If you’re interested in exploring 1:1 Recovery Coaching to help you cut back your drinking, take a break or substance use, or perhaps you’d like to stop entirely, we’re happy to answer your questions. 

Our team provides virtual support worldwide, as well as limited in-person support in Canada.

And to get you started, we offer a complimentary consultation to anyone who has questions about their own substance use, or the substance use of a family member.

These calls are completely confidential, with no pressure to make a decision before you feel entirely ready. 

Consider reaching out directly today.

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Sober Coaching FAQs

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  • When is the best time to utilize a Sober Coach?

    • Are you ready now? Most people know inside if it’s the right time.
    • Ask yourself, if you’re regularly saying yes to alcohol or drugs, what are you saying no to?
    • The beauty about Sober Coaching is it serves your needs, no matter where you’re at in your life or recovery process. 
      • Maybe you’re just starting to become concerned with your level of consumption and want to begin cutting back.
      • Perhaps you’ve successfully stopped drinking several times, but struggle to remain alcohol-free.
      • Even if you have a significant amount of recovery and sobriety under your belt, Recovery Coaching helps you stay engaged in your process of change.
    • Sober Coaching serves as an excellent place to triage your needs. When you aren’t sure what level of treatment you need, your Recovery Coach will help you put together a plan that includes additional mental health support.
    • Your Recovery Coach can also help decide if you are a good candidate for more formal recovery programs, such as detox facilities, inpatient treatment centres, and intensive outpatient programs.
    • You may first be connected with a Recovery Coach while at an in-patient treatment centre. In this scenario, your Coach will help develop an aftercare plan during your transition to home life, or into a sober living residence.
    • No matter where you’re currently at, there are many ways a Sober Coach can fit into your plan.
  • What are the backgrounds of the Recovery Coaches within your practice?

    All of our Recovery Coaches have lived experience with substance use and have achieved successful recovery through a variety of approaches. Each of our Coaches have unique backgrounds, skills, abilities and specialities. Each are Certified Recovery Coaches after taking appropriate gold-standard training. Some are credentialed further as a Canadian Certified Recovery Coach through the CACCF. 

    When you choose to work with us, we will match you with the Recovery Coach best fits who you are, your situation and needs.

    Meet Our Coaches

  • How are Sober Coaches different from a sponsor or mentor?

    • Sponsors are volunteers with lived addiction recovery experience who assist others within a 12 Step Recovery program.
    • Sober Coaches are well-trained professionals who specialize in helping you improve your relationship to drugs or alcohol, no matter which program or pathway of recovery you choose to explore. 
    • Sponsors use 12-Step philosophy, and tell the sponsee what to do in order to stay sober.
    • Sober Coaches are experts in many pathways of recovery. A Sober Coach helps you figure out which pathways and support systems will work best for you.
    • In this way, Sober Coaches honour your evolving preferences and needs throughout the recovery process.

Are you ready to explore your relationship with drugs or alcohol?

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