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Recovery services for addiction & problematic substance use

I’ve been there.

When I say I’ve been there, I mean it. 

I have done the “all-nighters” — sometimes many days in a row. I was always the last one up. I experienced many black-outs, job losses, financial difficulties, brushes with the law, and I hurt many people. I hid my substance use, justified my use and lied about my use. I’ve lived a double life with many cover ups, irritability, anger, sadness and depression. 

I've been to a detox facility twice, drug and alcohol rehab twice, hundreds of support groups and many counselling sessions to get to where I am today. All character building stuff a long time ago.

I am a different person now.

I’m fired up about helping other people get to the place where they, too, are living better, healthier, and bigger lives.

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I know what it’s like. I can help.

Reach out to me anytime and I’ll answer your questions confidentially and without judgement.

For emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

The decision to work with Michael has been very successful for me.

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