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Curious about your addiction treatment options in Victoria, BC?

Victoria, BC is not only renowned for its old-world charm and mild climate, but also faces the challenges of substance use and addiction. The city’s stunning natural beauty coexists with the need for professional support in overcoming substance use issues and finding a path to recovery.

Fortunately, Victoria offers world-class recovery options and experts for addiction treatment.

Recovery options include alcohol counsellors, drug addiction therapists, online addiction treatment, and alcohol interventionists. You can speak with psychologists, enter intensive outpatient treatment, alcohol detox, drug detox, in-patient rehab, and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). Victoria also offers access to a wide range of mental health services, psychiatric services, and community-based support groups.

In Victoria, these services are available privately, through non-profit organizations, and via publicly-funded government agencies. Additionally, there are several service offerings specifically for the First Nations population, persons with disabilities, military personnel, LGBTQ2, transgendered, and low income clients.

Together, Let’s Overcome Substance Use Challenges in Victoria, BC

Michael Walsh is a leading substance use and addictions specialist providing comprehensive and collaborative private recovery services in Victoria, BC. By working with Michael and his team, individuals and their loved ones can navigate the path to recovery, empowering themselves to overcome substance use challenges and embrace a healthier, fulfilling life.

Whether you are seeking guidance for alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, opiates, or prescription medication use, Michael's services are tailored to assist individuals, families, employers, treatment centres, and various organizations.

With offices in Victoria, BC, and virtual support available nationwide and worldwide, Michael Walsh and his team are here to help those seeking recovery in Victoria and the surrounding areas.

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Michael Walsh: Substance Use & Addictions Specialist in Victoria, BC

Amidst these concerning statistics, addiction recovery specialists like Michael Walsh play a pivotal role in providing much-needed support and comprehensive services to individuals in Victoria, BC.

Since 2014, Michael Walsh has been a leading substance use and addiction specialist based in Victoria BC.

With both expertise and personal experience in substance use and addictions recovery, Michael offers collaborative change, recovery, and case management solutions that include Recovery Coaching, Alcohol Interventions, and and Family Coaching and Family Consulting using the CRAFT Model of Addiction.

Michael’s services are useful to those who want explore their relationship to alcohol and other substances, take a break, cut back, or stop drinking or using drugs completely.

With offices in Victoria, BC, and virtual support available nationwide and worldwide, Michael Walsh and his team are here to help those seeking recovery in Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, Sidney, Langford, Esquimalt, Colwood, Sooke, and throughout the southern Vancouver Island region.

Support for Recovery in Victoria, BC

Michael Walsh offers confidential and judgment-free assistance, helping you make sense of your situation and explore your options for recovery. Our goal is to have an open conversation with you, answering your questions, and providing the information you need to make informed decisions.

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Collaborative Support for Addiction Recovery

Michael and his team provide comprehensive recovery support and guidance, working collaboratively with professionals, legal experts, and families in Victoria, BC.

Our aim is to assist individuals and their loved ones who are navigating substance use, addiction, and mental health concerns. From collaborating with medical and clinical professionals to offering assistance in legal matters, family trusts, family companies, and employer-related issues, our dedicated team is here to provide customized solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Is Recovery Coaching right for you? Click here to see if you fit the client profile for who could benefit from a Recovery Coach. 

Professional Collaboration

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with an extensive network of medical and clinical professionals.

Our network includes:

  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Neuro-psychologists
  • Mental health counsellors
  • Psychiatric nurses
  • Addiction counsellors
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Detox physicians
  • Detox nurses
  • Family and marriage counsellors
  • Eating disorder professionals

Drawing on this diverse expertise, we can assist in providing appropriate recommendations, referrals, and ongoing support based on the specific needs of each client.

Legal Support

By working together, we strive to achieve successful outcomes for our clients by addressing legal matters comprehensively and with sensitivity.

If you find yourself facing legal trouble related to alcohol or drugs, whether it's a DUI, assault, drug possession, drug trafficking, or other charges, we can likely help. Our collaborative work extends to collaborating with experienced criminal lawyers and family lawyers in Victoria, BC.

Family Trusts & Companies

We understand the unique challenges that arise when substance use, addiction, and mental health concerns impact family dynamics and professional responsibilities.

For individuals involved in family trusts or family-founded/operated companies, we offer discreet and customized guidance and support. Our aim is to provide the necessary assistance to help families navigate these complexities and work towards positive solutions.

Employers & Executives

Behavioural, mental health, and substance use issues can significantly impact a company's productivity, profitability, and overall workforce wellness.

We work closely with employers, executives, human resources managers, health and wellness advisors, disability management advisors, and insurance providers to develop strategies for building resilience, preventing burnout, and addressing behavioural health issues. Our goal is to support both the affected individuals and the organization in fostering sustained health, well-being, and peak performance.

Douglas Magazine, Victoria’s Premier Business Publication wrote its first ever article on “Alcohol in the Workplace.” 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer family support?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive support for families facing the challenges of alcohol use disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health concerns.

    Watching someone you love battle with these issues can be incredibly painful and emotionally-draining. As a dedicated team, we understand the complexities involved in approaching a loved one who is experiencing addiction, drug or alcohol dependency, or a mental health crisis.

    We specialize in helping families overcome these challenges and provide the necessary guidance and support.

    Through our specialized services, including Invitational Interventions, Family Coaching, and Family Consulting, we work closely with families to troubleshoot destructive patterns and guide their loved ones towards long-term recovery. Whether it's alcohol, cocaine, opiates, prescription medication, or mental health and psychiatric concerns, we can help.

    By planning carefully and acting with intention, compassion, and care, we can successfully encourage positive change together. We are dedicated to supporting families through this difficult journey and providing the tools needed to navigate these challenges effectively.

  • Do you utilize the CRAFT Model of Addiction?

    Yes. The CRAFT model is a proven approach to addiction treatment that empowers family members and loved ones to support the recovery of individuals struggling with addiction.

    CRAFT recognizes that addiction impacts not just the individual, but also their family members and loved ones.

    Through CRAFT, we provide family members and loved ones in Victoria, BC with new communication and coping skills, helping them better manage interactions with their loved one who is facing addiction. We offer support, encouragement, and motivation for the person to seek treatment.

    Key components of the CRAFT model include motivational interviewing, behavioural skills training, communication skills training, and self-care strategies. By engaging in non-judgmental conversations, teaching effective communication techniques, and providing self-care strategies, we aim to improve the quality of life for both individuals struggling with addiction and their families.

    The CRAFT model has been shown to be effective in increasing the likelihood of the person with addiction seeking treatment and improving the overall well-being of families and loved ones impacted by addiction.

  • Do you facilitate drug or alcohol interventions in Victoria?

    Yes, we facilitate invitational interventions in Victoria, BC, and also in Vancouver, Nanaimo, and anywhere on Vancouver Island or British Columbia.

    An invitational intervention is a respectful approach to assisting individuals struggling with addiction or problematic behaviour. Instead of coercion or confrontation, it involves inviting and encouraging the person to seek help for their issues.

    During an invitational intervention, loved ones and concerned individuals impacted by the person's behaviour engage in a conversation focused on expressing concern, showing support, and providing resources for treatment. The goal is to encourage voluntary participation in seeking help, creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

    This approach differs from traditional confrontational interventions that pressure individuals into treatment. By fostering a compassionate environment, invitational interventions increase the likelihood of the person accepting help and taking steps towards recovery.

    Michael Walsh and his team are experienced in facilitating invitational interventions and are dedicated to supporting individuals and their loved ones throughout the recovery journey in Victoria, BC.

  • Do you offer any home-based recovery options? How does that work?

    Yes. Michael Walsh and two colleagues, Dr. Michael Berry (R. Psych), Clinical Director and owner of Resilient Health in Victoria, and Ewan Kirkaldy (MSW BSW CACC), Primary Therapist at Resilient Health, created Home Based Recovery.

    HBR helps make participating in recovery activities while at home, on vacation, or travelling for work a viable option for many.

    Home Based Recovery is a flexible and supportive online addiction treatment program designed to provide clients with daily psycho-educational video content and dynamic learning modules, and offers practical tools and world-class education throughout the program. Clients are matched with a Certified Recovery Coach who provides one-on-one sessions per week for six months after the core program ends. The program is tailored to fit unique schedules and needs, allowing individuals to engage in recovery activities from the comfort of their homes or while on vacation or travelling for work.

  • What are the benefits of receiving addiction treatment in a home-based setting?

    There are several benefits to receiving addiction treatment in a home-based setting. These include:

    • Increased comfort and privacy: Many individuals feel more at ease in their own homes, reducing stress and creating a conducive environment for recovery. Home-based treatment also provides greater privacy and confidentiality, addressing concerns related to addiction stigma.
    • Greater flexibility: Home-based addiction treatment programs offer more flexibility in scheduling and treatment options. This is particularly valuable for individuals with work or family responsibilities, allowing them to integrate treatment into their daily lives more effectively.
    • Increased family involvement: Home-based programs often involve family members and loved ones in the recovery process. This inclusive approach benefits both the individual in treatment and their support system, fostering a more comprehensive and supportive environment.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Home-based addiction treatment programs tend to be more cost-effective compared to traditional inpatient or outpatient programs. Reduced overhead costs associated with home-based settings contribute to this affordability.
    • Access to support services: Home-based programs provide access to a range of support services, including counselling, therapy, and peer support groups. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may not have easy access to these services in their local area.
  • Is home-based addiction treatment suitable for everyone?

    While home-based addiction treatment can be a safe, supportive, and effective option, it may not be suitable for everyone.

    It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best course of treatment for individual needs. Factors such as the severity of addiction, the need for a structured environment, or specific medical or mental health considerations may influence the suitability of home-based treatment. Consulting with a professional ensures that the treatment approach aligns with personal circumstances and maximizes the chances of successful recovery.

  • What if private funded (paid) recovery services are out of my reach?

    If private funded services are not within your financial capacity there are several publicly funded and non-profit services available. You can find helpful links below, and we would be happy to point you in the right direction if needed.

    Adult Addiction Services (Government Funded)

    Youth Addiction Services (Government Funded)

    Mental Health & Psychiatric Services (Government Funded)

    First Nations Services

    Non-Profit Services

    Legal Services

    Family Support

    Sober Activities

    • Sober Sports VictoriaCommitted to providing a safe, fun, and supportive atmosphere for participants to enjoy the benefits of sport, recreation, and physical activity. Offers equal access to all interested participants by attempting to remove the barriers that often hinder participation. Sober Sports Victoria wants to help those in recovery develop a recovery lifestyle that is healthy, meaningful, and enjoyable.
    • The New SocialSober and Alcohol Free Gatherings and Experiences. The New Social started with the intention of building connections in the sober and recovery communities, as well as to help de-stigmatize alcohol use.

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Drug & Alcohol Trends in BC

Examining the consumption patterns within British Columbia, we gain valuable insights into the significance of addressing drug and alcohol-related issues and seeking support. Let's delve into the statistics while also considering the vital role of addiction recovery specialists, such as Michael Walsh, in providing comprehensive services to individuals in Victoria who are seeking recovery.

Alcohol Consumption in British Columbia

Shedding light on the consumption landscape, the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria presents powerful statistics from 2021/22 on alcohol consumption in British Columbia. This comprehensive data covers various key categories such as overall consumption, monthly consumption, average alcohol prices, consumption by venue, and beverage type and region breakdowns.

Within the 2021/22 BC Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Monitoring Project data, the province recorded a decrease in per capita ethanol consumption among individuals aged 15 and above, dropping to 9.1L from 9.28L. On average, this translates to approximately 534 standard drinks (SDs) per person annually, including non-drinkers.

While there has been a decline from the record-high consumption in 2020/2021, BC's consumption levels remain notably higher than the Canadian average of 475 SDs per capita.

Nationally, Statistics Canada reported a decrease from 8.3L (or 487 SDs) in 2020/21 to 8.1L (475 SDs) in 2021/22. BC-specific numbers decreased from 9L (528 SDs) to 8.9L (522 SDs) during the same period. For a comprehensive study, please refer to the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research.

How do you know if you have a drinking problem? This article may be helpful.

Toxic Drug Deaths in British Columbia  

Tragically, the Coroners Service of British Columbia's report highlights the alarming reality of illicit drug toxicity deaths in the province from 2012 to 2022.

In 2022 alone, over 2,200 lives were lost due to toxic drugs, marking it as the second deadliest year on record. It is crucial to note that the majority of these deaths occurred in private homes. For detailed information, please refer to the extensive report by the BC Coroners Service.

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