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Family Support | CRAFT Model

Addiction is a family affliction. In "family systems" — problematic substance use and addiction affects everyone. Change in any part of the family system leads to changes in all parts of the system. The addiction of a loved one brings up many difficult questions that may leave you unable to understand what and why this is happening, and feeling like you are riding an emotional rollercoaster you can’t get off. You may find yourself struggling with a number of painful and conflicting emotions, including: guilt, shame, self-blame, frustration, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, and fear. Through Family Support using the CRAFT Model, we will help you make sense of what's going on, answer questions, and provide effective tools and strategies to communicate differently; ultimately to live better whether your loved one is actively consuming substances or is currently in some kind of recovery process.

Some families do not need "full intervention" services. You may have utilized an Interventionist in the past which was successful and do not need another at this stage. The elephant in the room has already been discussed and it's now a matter of hitting reset and having the conversation again but doesn't necessarily require the family coming together in a formal intervention setting.

Instead, you could utilize Family Support using the CRAFT Model to help make sense of your situation and provide you tools and strategies to take care of yourself and learn how to communicate effectively with your loved one. I can help guide you through the process of getting your loved-one help while bringing the family together. We offer this service via distance video-conferencing. We utilize the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement & Family Training) Model when working with all families. 

Sometimes my initial work with the family quickly shifts to me working with the person that needs help. How can this happen? Maybe the person knows they need and have communicated they want help — then it's often a matter of telling them you've reached out to a Recovery Coach who has lived experience with problematic substance use and has successfully turned their life around. Tell them this person has assisted hundreds of people in creating change for themselves. Tell your loved one to go to my website and send a confidential e-mail to me.  

You may have never used an Interventionist and don't need one because communication within the family is good enough you could have a conversation with your loved one but you need some help in the set-up and fine tuning the delivery. I do not recommend doing an "Intervention" on your own if you know it could be tricky and contentious — as it could make things worse.

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Consulting in the Workplace

Private enterprise, family businesses and corporations call upon us to help navigate situations that requires discretion and quick solutions. There is often someone in a visible role that is struggling with substance use and addictions when we get the call. We are asked to advise on how to approach this individual or step in to conduct an intervention. 

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