Curtis Bobier

Recovery Coach | Sober Companion | White Rock | Surrey BC | Vancouver

Curtis Bobier stands confident and serene amidst nature, reflecting a journey of self-discovery and recovery, radiating gratitude and authenticity

I’m Curtis, an outdoors enthusiast, exercise fanatic, and student of all things related to mental wellness. Professionally, I have been an engineer, carpenter, brewer, and chef. I have always had a wide variety of interests. I spend a lot of time running, weight training, and exploring BC’s incredible backcountry. 

For many years, my relationship with alcohol caused me to live a life filled with chaos and uncertainty. By 2020, I had completed university, moved across the country, and got a great job all while experiencing chronic existential crisis. I desperately set goals for myself and couldn't understand why I wasn't reaching them. I loathed who I was and the emotions that came along with it. I kept a cheerful and optimistic facade so I didn't have to face the reality of my self-deprecating lifestyle. I was lost, and I was broken. I had nowhere to go but up. 

Through exploring my relationship with myself and the world in a profound way, I found recovery. A new set of beliefs, routines, and passions I never knew could exist in sobriety. This led me to adopt a relentless pursuit to seize the day and become the most authentic version of myself. I now wake up every day with overwhelming feelings of gratitude and self-acceptance.

Recovery coaching for me is part of my authenticity. Helping others with compassion and acceptance is part of who I am. I’m passionate about people and see everyone as a human library. A collection of stories and covers that are unique in their own way. I help people connect to what's most important to them, unearth their purpose, and live their values. Curtis is based in the White Rock and Surrey BC.

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