Dr. Michael Berry

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Advisor

Michael Berry, Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Advisor

Dr. Michael Berry, R. Psych. Is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, and Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Home Based Recovery Canada, Inc.

Formerly the Clinical Director of Homewood Ravensview, a residential treatment center in BC, Dr. Berry has specialization in the treatment of addiction, and in the complex and concurrent mental health issues that often occur alongside addiction.

He completed his PhD at University College London in the UK, and a post-doctoral research fellowship at McGill university, where his research focused on behavioural addictions. He then worked as a psychologist and supervisor at the McGill University Health Center for several years before returning to Western Canada to support individuals and families in need of recovery support.

Dr. Berry is a strong proponent of collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches to recovery practice. In his work, he uses a strengths-based approach, that envisions personal strengths and mindset as key aspects of mental wellbeing and recovery.

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