It’s Never Too Late.

by Michael Walsh

“It’s Never Too Late.” - article by Michael Walsh

With her permission, my 82 year old client Lotti has allowed me to share her success. We began working together September 08, 2016. The first year produced more months alcohol-free than not. Change is never a straight line! This second year she has accumulated one consecutive year of sobriety. Technically, she’s had about 20 months alcohol-free in the last two years which is awesome!

Lotti grew up in Germany and speaks of a childhood lived during wartime. She's been in Canada over 60 years. She lives a full life and has some long time friends she sees regularly when she's not playing Bridge and Mahjong or going to see live theatre. Lotti drank socially for many years and then in her 70's heavy drinking became her coping mechanism and escape. Lotti has been a determined client and says "I do not want to be remembered as someone who died by drinking herself to death!" Lotti is a lovely spirit and wants to enjoy the rest of her life alcohol-free. She utilizes myself as Sober Michael Walsh and a clinical counsellor on her journey.

It is never too late (or too early) to reach out and ask for help if alcohol or drugs are a concern for you or someone you know.

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