Boredom can be extremely uncomfortable, and the usual solution is intoxication

by Michael Walsh

“Boredom can be extremely uncomfortable, and the usual solution is intoxication” - article by Michael Walsh

Did you know that boredom is the leading cause of relapse?

Can better self awareness help with boredom? Find out more in this blog post by Casey Jordan at Sunshine Coast Health Centre.

About Sunshine Coast Health Centre

Sunshine Coast Health Centre is a leading private addiction treatment facility in Powell River British Columbia. They have an excellent blog and from time-to-time I will post some of their content here.

By combining Meaning-Centered therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and relationship counseling, Sunshine Coast Health Centre’s rehabilitation program offers an array of individualized treatment options based on the recommendations of counseling staff and needs identified by the client. These distinct modes of addiction therapy are integrated into the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Sunshine Coast Health Center.

To find out more about Sunshine Coast Health Center please go here.

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