4 principles for creating meaning while in addiction recovery

by Michael Walsh

“4 principles for creating meaning while in addiction recovery” - article by Michael Walsh

Meaning and purpose is a major theme at Sunshine Coast Health Center (SCHC) in Powell River, British Columbia.

Within SCHC, they use Paul Wong’s Meaning Management Theory (MMT). Essentially, Dr. Wong says that we have to manage how we seek meaning and how we create meaning. We need to manage this part of our lives because:

“Life is too short and too valuable to waste on things that don’t really matter. [MMT helps us] understand who we are (identity), what really matters (values), where we are heading (purpose), and how to live the good life in spite of suffering and death (happiness).”

MMT is not so much concerned with what job we should do or where we should live or how to balance the bank account. It is about how we can live life to the fullest.

Check out the rest of this excellent article – written by Daniel Jordan and posted to the Sunshine Coast Health Center's Blog – by clicking here.

Sunshine Coast Health Center is a leading adult male-only drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility located in beautiful Powell River, British Columbia.

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